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Bamboo Flooring

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Hi all,
I've just contracted to have floating bamboo flooring installed (over the original tiles) throughout my 1964 center-atrium Eichler. The contractor is recommending that the flooring run front to back, so that it flows as the eye moves when you're entering the house. Which makes sense in the kitchen, multi-purpose room and long hall, but doesn't seem right for the loggia, and LR/DR area., which is one long room across the back of the house. The ceiling boards, of course, all run side to side (over the front to back beams). I'm wondering what others have done - should the floor boards mirror the ceiling boards in direction or is the contractor right that running the floor as the beams flow would be better? What do you all think? Thanks in advance for your thoughts! -Lynne

Joined: Aug 12 2004

If you wish to make the room look longer, then have them run the length.

If you wish to shorten a very long room, then have them run the width.

Contrasting colors/shades of the wood itself in the mix will help offset either look. Border treatments also play in the "look" and how it affects/modifies the over all. Even raised border on the floor to the wall base board.

Angled also plays, but that will cost a lot more in bothe labor and materials.

Simplistic this, as there are other factors. Like the lighting, windows, skylights, wall/ceiling treatment,furnishings and of course your perferences.

Consider an interior designer. Consultation for a few hours.

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Dont forget to do a pressure test of the radiant heat! It would be terrible to have to dig through your brand new floor to fix a leak next year. A pressure test is cheap inssurance. Email me and I'll send you a good recomendation.


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