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Joined: May 20 2004

I've seen all the info on exterior colors. I want to repaint my original Eichler kitchen and bath cabinets. The boxes are a worn grey, the doors are a rather loud blue.

Any suggestions on preferred colors?
Can I mix the colors up? (ie different in kitchen and bath?)
Any suggestions for which paint to use, since I'm not taking the cabinets down

Joined: Mar 20 2003

We just had our original kitchen cabinets repainted and I have got a ton of compliments on them. We painted the boxes/trim and all the drawers with Kelly Moore's Charcoal Grey. We didn't repaint the sliders, but I believe the old owner painted them Kelly Moore Western Acoustic (white) and we painted two of the sliders a Benjamin Moore orange color (sorry I forgot the name). They really do stand out (thanks Loni) and look great!. Can't help you on the vanity in the bath because that we did replace that a couple of years ago. It wasn't in nearly as good a shape as our kitchen cabinets are.

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