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original Eichler kitchen

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Joined: Sep 16 2003

We've just moved into an Eichler :) and have a question about the height of our kitchen stove and counters. They seem very low. I'm 5'4" and I have to bend over to cook on the stove. Does anyone know if this was something standard about Eichlers? Or could Eichlers be customized (say for someone in a wheelchair or a very very short person)?

Thanks pgg9350

Joined: Mar 20 2003

nope, that's the original! they are very low...probably you have a lower stove that is level to an eating table (or perhaps that table has been removed--you didn't mention it), and regular counters that are an inch or 2 higher. I think that the low stove counter height was level with the table so that it would be easy to serve from when the cook of the house was seated at the table...kind of a buffet style deal. you notice it in the eichler books in most of the kitchens. You get used to it pretty fast! at least you don't have some gross remodeling job from the 70's or 80's with taller counters! :wink:

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I didn't realize there were Eichlers in Foster City. I'll have to drive over some time and check them out.

As for the stove height, I'm also 5'4" and I love the low placement of the stove and attached counter. I always felt like I was standing on tip-toe and peering over the edge of the pot before. This height is very comfortable for me and took very little time to get used to.

Just in case you're thinking of making any changes, I'd like to encourage you to live with the house for about a year to become accustomed to the Eichler features. Some things seem odd at first, but you may find that those are the things that you really love about the house as they grow on you.

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Joined: Sep 16 2003

Thanks everyone for the replies.

We thought that we might be in an Eichler with the original kitchen. As for the height of the stove, it's just so low compared to anything else we've seen. I'm not too concerned for myself (being 5'4") but my sweetie is 6'2" and does much of the cooking. :wink:

Re: FC Eichlers, yes there are a number of them here, in a couple of different neighborhoods (along Gull Ave and near Brewer Island School).

Also regarding being able to live in a house without having to live with previous owners' upgrades.... we saw an Eichler which had been "updated" with a COUNTRY kitchen. What a gross thing to do to a work of art! :(


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i don't know about someone over 6' but i am 5'7" and just love the low height of our stovetop - it makes it much easier to cook. on a normal height stove your arms are not in such a relaxed position.

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On ours, the island/cooktop height is 30 inches and the counters are 36. I believe that the counter height is consistent with current standards, but the island is definitely on the low side. That said, I have noticed that quite a few cooking shows feature low counters for their cooktops. Also, many professional pastry chefs claim that the 30-inch height is best for rolling pastry and kneeding dough.

After a lot of deliberation and living in the house for 2 years, most of the time WITHOUT a working cooktop (terrified of making the wrong remodeling decision), we upgraded the kitchen, but left the island height in tact. I am glad I did, as I really like being able to see directly into the pots as I cook. I am 5'5" and hubby is 6'2", but he does not cook! To maintain the look of the original kitchen, we had the cabinets refaced with new Formica, but did replace the sliding doors with ones that open out. They have no hardware and are totally flat in front, keeping the modern look. They open via hidden finger pulls. I am glad that we left the low height for the island, both from a functional and aesthestic point of view. I do believe that the height differentials only add to the beauty and charm of the kitchen and it is hard to imagine what it would look like if everything were 36 inches.


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