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Free Eichler kitchen cabinet, glass light globe for sale.

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Having just joined the ranks of Eichler Homeowners :) I found in my new garage the top kitcken cabinet left over from the previous owner's kitchen remodel. This cabinet is 78" long, 28" high and 20" deep (doors add about another inch to the depth) and in relatively good condition. This item is free to any Eichler homeowner who is willing to pick it up in San Mateo CA without delay. Also found is one used, but good condition white glass globe and two metal light mounts which may or may not be origonal Eichler hardware. As I no longer have any globe lights left in the house :( I do not forsee using these anytime soon. These parts I'd like to sell so please email with any offers or if you need more information.


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I am interested in the cabinet if its still available..I will measure tonight...

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A question for the rest of the Eichler crowd.

This cabinet has swinging (not sliding) doors. The homeowner thinks they are original to the home given the age--but admits he's new to the Eichler scene. I've been on the scene a little longer but am definitely no expert.

My question is: Is anyone aware if Eichler ever built California homes in which the kitchen cabinets were traditional swing door design?

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.


eichfan at rawbw dot com

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Our model was built in 1973 (we moved in 2003), and along with the 10 other houses in our tract, Eichler used the Claude Oakland "soaring ceiling" theme (angled ceilings and A-frame atriums).
We think our kitchen cabinets are original; they do have swinging doors - - very 70's. They are walnut or wood grain laminate, but true to Eichler, he skimped by painting the unfinished edges of the doors (rather than using laminate) that are cut at about 60 degrees (rather than 90) relative to the front surface; the edges serve as finger grips to open the doors (there are no handles). Although there are I think 4 original owners out of the 11 houses in the cul de sac, I have not had a chance to ask anyone about their kitchens.
It seems that by that time, Eichler abandoned the swinging table, and in our model, made 1 long stovetop and kitchen table counter. Also, we think we have the original counter laminate - - a simple white, smooth but with a little texture, finish.
Our disclosure package included the original recorded deed and has the convenant on the buyer that no architectural changes could be made without the permission of the Eichler Company - - thus, if Eichler or the Eichler Company was around today, he/they would be busy in court enforcing the covenant.

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early Anshen+Allen models (1950-51) had swinging cabinet doors.

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