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Looking for Contra Costa County home to feature in local mag

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Hi, I am a freelance writer working on a story for East Bay Home and Design magazine. We run a regular "Great Homes" feature, and I am looking for an Eichler, or similar mid-century style home to feature in the May/June issue. The ideal place would be well-maintained and either original, or remodeled in the spirit of the original. The magazine is a production of the Contra Costa Times, so the home needs to be in Contra Costa County. Can anyone help? We would feature your home in a photo spread in the magazine, and run a story along with it. Please email me or post here if you want to do this.
Thanks, Adam Martin

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Hi Adam:

One place to check would be with the real estate agents that advertise on this site--look for the ones that focus on the Contra Costa area. (I am in San Jose, so I don't know who that would be.) FYI, Catherine Munson, who advertises and is in Marin, was one of Eichler's original RE agents and has spent her entire professional career living in and selling Eichers, so she may know of some homes in Contra Costa. Another place to try would be Sue Olson, who advertises kitchen and bath design and remodeling and does lovely high end work. She is in Menlo Park, but has clients all over the place.

Good luck!


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Some Eichler tracts in the East Bay
2 or 3 tracts in Concord and I think 3 in Walnut Creek.
Browse other threads on here-I think there was a recent thread on the ones in the Widget Lane area as well as the Boundary Oaks area. The Rancho San Miguel is a larger earlier tract I think.

Wishing for modern home.

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I just realized that Heidi Slocum is the RE agent that specializes in East Bay Eichlers. You may want to check with her also. She advertises on this site too.


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