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Putting carpet in an Eichler

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We are looking to put carpet in the bedrooms of our Eichler home. However, one person told us that we cannot use regular foam padding used under most carpets due to the radiant heating system. Is this true? If so, what type of padding needs to be used and where do I get such padding?

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if you like cold bedrooms in he winter time, put down carpet.

You see, the padding and the carpet act as insulation against your warm floor. Plus, whatever gap there is between the floor and carpet creates a barrier of air, further working against your heating efficiency.

I don't know about your house, but many Eichler bedrooms are usually the furthest away from the boiler in the circulation loop, meaning your bedrooms need every bit of efficiency as possible to remain comfortable.

I know it's cushy for the feet, but carpet also contributes greatly to indoor pollution. Consider a hard surface (not hardwood) adhered to your slab and a small through rug where needed most.

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Use felt padding (and not plastic foam). Your regular carpet store should have this in stock.
It won't trap moisture, it isolates less and isn't toxic/allergenic. The heat might also disintegrate/dry out the foam over time.



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The bad rap on carpeting in Eichlers is not necessarily deserved. We have carpeting in all the bedrooms and our radiant heat works fine and keeps the bedrooms nice and toasty. Our gas bills rarely exceed $100/month in the winter. I don't believe we had any kind of special padding installed.

Beware of "theoretical" arguments against carpet, hardwood, etc. Many people have them and have no problems at all. Others may have problems. But almost all floor types can, if installed correctly, be enjoyed in an Eichler.


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We Love Our Bedroom Carpeting - Wouldn't dream of Hard Flooring. There are many Very Eichler friendly Carpet Colors and Textures that go perfect in our modern homes. Area Rugs in small bedrooms overwelm the room rather than accent it.
The Felt Pad idea is great - will check that out.

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Try this link on Frothed Foam padding,
I have not researched it, but sounds worth looking into. Here is an excerpt,
Characteristics: The micro cell construction allows each cell to act like a tiny shock absorber. This gives outstanding resilience and support. This pad will NOT bottom out. "Ultra Plus" pad is ideal for the heaviest residential traffic, and can be used over radiant heated floors. In fact, the R rating is so low (.66) that it takes less energy for warm air to pass through the small cells of the padding. Therefore, floors get warm quickly, and due to the "thermos" effect, stay warm.

Good luck,

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