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Want to paint the interior and exterior of our home

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There are no basic colors to use, if I understood your question correctly.
The rule is to use subdued colors for the siding and trim, and a contrasting color for the front door. As a general rule I would advise against shades of blue (even though I think Eichler used some very "warm" blue, if I am not mistaken) and pink for the siding.
The beams can be various shades of gray (from off-white to very dark gray), with a warm tinge to them (more brown, less blue).
Ceilings must be left mostly alone if still with original stain. If not, neutral colors like Benjamin Moore OC-17, OC-18, OC-19 or OC-20 or equivalent Cabot colors work best.

Use flat or semi-flat finish paints for everything but the front door, which could be semi-gloss in a bright contrasting color in relation to the rest of the house.

Also, see:

- antenor

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You can also check the Jerry Ditto Eichler book for ideas. It has lots of color photos of Eichlers in pristine condition--many faithfully restored.


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