On the Homefront

Breaking stories on home improvement and real estate tied to our communities

Seduced by 'Tiki Dreams'
An enchanting exhibition of all things tiki is calling us for a Wine Country getaway
Summer Fun for Everyone
CA-Modern's summer '23 issue warms us with new tales of art, nostalgia and escape
Zeroing in on Thousand Oaks
Summer '23 CA-Modern gets inside TO's hidden, tranquil tract of 100 SoCal Eichlers
Fascinating Feel for Felt
Artist Linda Santiman's village of tiny MCM houses of fabric racks up miles of smiles
Mid-century Home to Cherish
Privacy and perfection meet at the Bryce residence in the charming town of Fillmore
Full Life of a Real Gentleman
Esteemed builder Jim Streng leaves us a rich legacy warmed by a heart of gold
Seaside Sandcastle for Sale
Renowned Malibu architect/surfer Harry Gesner's "dream place, built with love"
Slice of ‘60s Life for Sale
Geometric modern home blends alluring San Diego ocean views with coastal history
All-Electric Cutting Edge
Sunnyvale Eichler steps into the all-electric future with June 3 debut on AIA home tour
Magnificence in Marin
First time on the market for architectural masterpiece with incredible Mt. Tam views
In 'The Pastures of Heaven'
Special architectural home by Will Bruder—his best work in an unforgettable setting
Eichler Home Tour Returns
SM Highlands' popular two-day showcase set for comeback October 14-15 weekend
Anshen and Allen Stunner
Eichler architects pulled out all the stops designing this 1953 cliffside Carmel home
On the Road to Renewal
Maintaining nine signature design features that keep your home looking like an Eichler
Alas, Spring Is in the Air
Join us…as we welcome the sunshine and the exciting, new spring CA-Modern issue
CA-Modern's How-to Guide
Spring '23 issue zeros in on effective ways to carry out your Eichler's next reroofing
Radiant Heat 'Danger Zone'?
Regional ban of gas-fueled appliances an upcoming 'wrinkle' in the Eichler lifestyle
'Dreamy' Mid-century Estate
Rare Oakland hillside property mingles bay views with serene wilderness surroundings
Get Grateful for Eichler Living
Thank your lucky stars for the wonderful ways Joe's lifestyle 'spoils us' all year long
Carter Sparks: Special Salute
Celebrating the architect of Sacramento's 3,000 Streng homes on his 100th birthday