On the Homefront

Breaking stories on home improvement and real estate tied to our communities

Dreamy with Postwar Pizzazz
SoCal MCM shines anew following owners' period-sensitive renewal of its 1960 kitchen
BreezyBlock Rocks
Palm Springs-based company hits market with eight new MCM screen block designs
From 'Restoration' to Market
Architect Jack Corey's 1954 Sierra Madre home shines following HabHouse renewal
Donald Wexler Home Honored
Late architect's original residence in Palm Springs headed for double historic status
The House that Love Built
New book details siblings' true-to-life tales of growing up in world-famous Stahl House
'Cats of Brutalism' Goes Wild!
Fetching felines give Brutalist architecture second chance with flirtatious poses galore
A-frame 'Dream Come True'
Charming, rustic '60s flashback—vacation home with true mid-century modern spirit
Ushering in the Holidays
CA-Modern Fall '21 issue is the cat's meow—purrfectly timed cover by illustrator Shag
Warming without the Blaze
New CA-Modern story takes the fireplace from flaming hearth to personal art gallery
Busting thru $2 Million Barrier
East Bay Eichlers break record with $2.1M sale—then quickly do it again with $2.6+M
Laminates that 'Retrofy' DIY
Restoring countertops to period perfection with exciting mid-century surface designs
For the Love of Lautner
Unsung Fischer house by architect John Lautner now on TLC restoration odyssey
Retro Wallpaper Wizardry
New authentic mid-century designs stage a comeback with fine art and unique style
'Plywood Demo House'
'Art piece' with a colorful backstory—noted Neutra design makes splash on L.A. market
Dream House in 'Dreamland'
Home revisioned in '65 for mid-century TV director seeks new owner with $3.15M tag
Savory Stanford Renewal
Roger Lee home on campus retains original aesthetic, grows to meet new owner needs
A Beauty by Fresno's Favorite
Unique design, attractive siting two assets of Arthur Dyson home in nearby Madera
Another Orinda Hidden Gem
Neutra, Lee, Moore and now lesser-known Richard Danskin spotted in East Bay town
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
For painting Eichler exteriors, set the tone using earth colors and a sharp accent 'pop'
'The Master' Joins Fire Sale
Stung by justice, USC puts FLWright's 'textile block' Freeman House on market