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National Modernist Housing Association

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Joined: Mar 20 2003

Calling all modernists and Eichler owners:

Several members on the Dwell Magazine bulletin board have been discussing the creation of an association to advance the cause of affordable modernist housing by demonstrating the size of the market for architects, builders, developers, lenders and other producers. Much discussion regarding a mission statement and posted it here

You can read the genesis of this idea, which led to the "open house" invitation that starts new thread, by reviewing the "National Modernist Housing Association" thread,

We want to expand this discussion to include more people, including you, to verify and refine our approach. Feel free to read through this thread, and let us know what you think.

Will this new network be a solution to a problem that you have, or is shared by others? If so what and how? Do you think that the initial strategies that we propose to pursue will address your problem? Is there anything else we should be addressing to make modernism more affordable?

If you agree with our statement, say so in the forum. If you want to help us on any particular activity, let us know. If you have questions about where this idea came from, please review the previous thread
( -- it's long, but a good read!) before posting your question.

I realize that many of the members of the Eichler Network are concerned with their existing home and neighborhood. The efforts of our group are concerned with existing works as well as with the market for new modern houses. There are many overlapping concerns. Thanks for your thoughts, and helping to advance the cause.

Joe Barthlow

Joined: Jun 24 2003

Not to rain on your parade, but here's a sobering Post story that tells the sad tale of new homes in the D.C. area. Lots are worth $250,000 an acre in some areas around northern VA; this creates the scenario in the story where developers are so blinded by money that they've actually built homes in a cramped space so that the front yard of a new home is across the street from the back yard of an existing home. They call it a "creative solution".

I appaud your initiative, but one question should be how can an affordable modernist movement survive in this environment? Good luck, but its pretty bleak out there.

Here's the link:

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